FWH believes a high quality diagnosis from the very beginning stages of any remediation project can dramatically increase the functionality of the repairs. The diagnosis starts with a trained building forensic specialist visually evaluating the deficiency. From there, FWH uses various types of technology to gather information about what caused the defect, how extensive the damages are, and ultimately how we are going to repair the area. The forensic specialist then works with the staff of engineers and architects to develop the repair plans and once approved by the associations or owners, we observe the repairs being completed in the field ensuring they are up to spec. This method of forensic diagnosis and remediation has resulted in thousands of isolated and large scale repairs successfully completed in residential and commercial structures


  • Heat Loss Assessments
  • Moisture Detection in Building Materials
  • Mechanical Detection & Efficiency
  • Thermal Efficiency

Invasive Testing

  • Moisture Probing
  • Building Envelope’s Weather Protection
  • Telescopic Camera Inspection
  • Pavement Coring (oversight & analysis)

Drone Services

  • Building Inspections
  • Site Inspections
  • Aerial Mapping & Topography
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Construction Progress
  • Realty Marketing

Code Compliance Testing

  • Material/Safety Testing to ASTM criteria:
    • Guardrail Load Testing
  • Public Utility Testing
    • Fire Hydrant Flow Testing

360 Photogrammetry

  • Interactive photography coupling conceptual 3D design with actual space
  • Realty Marketing
  • Detailed inspection documentation
  • Live stream inspections, construction walkthroughs, completed projects, etc.