FWH provides an array of services as diverse, multi-disciplinary building professionals. Our team of designers and forensic specialists have been working with builders, property owners and managers for over 28 years. This experience and consistency exemplify our integrity as a firm that will be there from the very beginning stages of the project right through the final closeout documents.

Community Associations

Property managers and board members of associations understand the condominium industry is a different space in the residential market. The needs of the many must be taken into consideration during any proposed renovation or remediation project. We at FWH have gained invaluable experience in this special marketplace by working alongside the management personnel, association boards and the contractors within this industry for nearly three decades. Contact the condo-experts at FWH today to help facilitate your community association building and site projects!


Engaging with developers and property owners for commercial properties has been an integral part of our company since the firm’s inception. From property research through design and planning board meetings, to construction permitting and oversight, FWH can be your all-inclusive building professional solution for any commercial property!




Homeowners and contractors alike appreciate the all-inclusive services FWH provides for residential structures. We can provide every engineering, architecture, and surveying service a homeowner or custom home builder would need throughout the entire residential construction process.

FWH Associates partners with developers on land development and surveying projects. We promise to be there before, during, and after construction to help build a successful community.

Land Development


FWH has extensive experience in obtaining the environmental approvals and permits required for land development. Our staff is highly experienced in wetlands identification, delineation, mitigation, and restoration, having brought numerous sites from conceptual design through final agency approval. FWH can serve as your primary environmental resource throughout your development project, utilizing our extensive knowledge of regulatory compliance to aid you through the planning and permitting process

Custom Residential Homes

Damages are an unfortunate, albeit sometimes inevitable, part of the life-cycle of a building. It takes knowledge and experience in building science to develop the proper diagnosis of these building defects. Our forensic specialist are trained in various areas of expertise, through education and on-the-job training, to develop this proper diagnosis. We can help you diagnosis the pesky water intrusion at the roof or the stucco cladding defects in your community with the utmost confidence in the diagnosis and ultimately the repairs!

Diagnostic Inspections


State of the art drone technology can be used for a wide array of engineering services, providing added safety measures to typical inspections. FWH can supply clients with building and site evaluations, aerial mapping and topography, construction progress documentation, and much more at a favorable costs.

Custom Residential Homes