FWH’s drone operators are FAA licensed pilots who have received their Certified Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Rating from the Department of Transportation – Federal Aviation Administration.  FWH conducts its drone operations in compliance with the Code of Federal Regulations Title 14 Aeronautics and Space, FAA Regulation 91-57 – Model Aircraft Operating Standards, and the FAA Modernization Act of 2012 – Integration of Civil Unmanned Aircraft into National Airspace System.

Building Inspections

FWH provides detailed inspection documentation at elevated building locations, saving time and money while also minimizing risk. The use of scaffolding for cladding evaluations and climbing ladders for roof and balcony evaluations can be eliminated with our drone technology.


Site Inspections

FWH presents a different perspective on site evaluations at a faster rate than traditional site walks. Vast areas of pavement and grading can be assessed in minutes instead of hours, while also adding a greater perspective than ground level assessments. Pavement and grading projects can be monitored at safer distances, staying clear of heavy machinery.


Aerial mapping & Topography

FWH can gather millions of accurate data points in one short flight, while providing added safety measures to the overall project. Faster data collection allows for more time spent analyzing data, instead of gathering it. Less time spent in the field results in improved safety capabilities to surveying teams when measuring sites that may contain dangerous hazards.

Thermal Imaging

FWH diagnoses building defects without conducting invasive testing in certain applications. Thermal imaging cameras can be attached to our drone, providing capabilities such as roof and cladding leak detection, heat loss detection, and mechanical performance monitoring.

Construction Progress

FWH can document new construction projects in interval phases. A set of simple fly overs can produce a portfolio of construction progress from start to finish, no matter if it is a large or small development project.

Custom Residential

Realty Marketing

FWH can compile high resolution videos and photos for realty promotion and prospective homeowners. Drone footage coupled with advanced video editing software can change the way companies, associations, and induvial homeowners market their property.